Dry Spells: Bad For Your Health, Good For His 'Gasm

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I am not a fan of dry spells. I know they're supposed to give you time to think, or to grieve the end of a relationship, but all I ever do is think about how I'm not getting laid and how the loss of the relationship means the loss of access to regular sex, which means I'm not getting laid and how much of a pain in the ass it is to try to get laid when I could just, mere days before, say, "Hey, wanna go screw now?" and get laid. In other words, I get a little preoccupied and crabby about it and masturbation is a poor substitute and I really do start to feel as though not getting laid is affecting my body more than it reasonably ought to be. But now there's scientific proof that getting laid does a body good (other than the orgasms and the oxytocin and whatever).When you get stressed out or freaked out, your blood pressure generally goes up, which, for people with high blood pressure, can be a very bad thing. A 2006 study in Scotland shows that (heterosexual) people who've had recent vaginal intercourse react better to stress than people who had a two week dry spell (including masturbation). Masturbation, oral sex and anal sex improved the body's response to stress, but not by as much as good old vaginal penetrative sex. So, really, having sex is just protecting your heart from damage — not, as some chastity advocates might say, setting yourself up for some damage to it. In slightly more obvious news, a 2001 study of 10 Germany guys who abstained from sex for three weeks had really intense orgasms when jerking off to porn in a laboratory. Supposedly, it didn't make them come any quicker, but I've broken a couple of guys' dry spells in my time, so I ain't buying that last part in the slightest. But in a bit of news I'm happy to help someone use, scientists are reporting that men that have consistent sex tend to have fewer ED problems as they age than men that don't, as long as they don't orgasm too quickly. Scientists hypothesize that having sustained erections (which tends to happen with intercourse but not masturbation) increase the uptake of oxygen to penile tissue, keeping the peen and all its blood vessels healthier in men that keep getting it on as they get older. So, regular sex: good for everyone! Now if only I could work it out for me in particular. Sexual Dry Spells Hurt Blood Pressure, Intensify Orgasms [LA Times] Use It Or Lose It: Yes It's True [LA Times] Photo via Ehsan Khakbaz



I was thinking about my own dry spell this morning. Well, if you can call four years a spell.

I can't do the FWB thing, sex is best for me in a relationship. Unfortunately I don't meet many men who I want to date or have sex with these days. Luckily my doc said my blood pressure is just fine.

I'm still hoping to get lucky though.