This is a Brooks & Dunn video from 1993. Not knowing much about country music, I always considered it the realm of Christians, and not knowing too many Christians, I learned a lot from watching it because after a few seconds into the then-sixteen-year-old Meagan Harper's appearance in the video (it starts 29 seconds in) I started to think thoughts like, "Horrors! The glorification of teen sexuality in this country is going to turn the entire nation's children into whores and sluts!" (And this was 1993, back when the only slut in the media I was consuming was Helen Hunt's sister on Mad About You.) But the real reason I'm posting this is because as you may remember, Meagan Harper grew up to be the drunkest female drunk on record. The Smoking Gun unearthed this video after she was found passed out in a pizza parlor parking lot with a blood alcohol level of 0.55.

So yeah, in a tale as old least the first eighties teen movie, Meagan Harper peaked in high school. The Smoking Gun folks tell us she had quite a burgeoning modeling career, but all that went downhill.


Her tolerance for the alcohol, on the other hand...

Immortalized Behind The Wheel [The Smoking Gun]