Drunk Serbs Storm U.S. Embassy, Levi's Outlet

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  • Serb protesters broke into the unstaffed U.S. Embassy in Belgrade and set fire to an office. They also burned a McDonald's, a Levi's store, and some other embassies. Nearly thirty people were injured. They are mad about the Kosovo thing. And also by and large "extremely drunk." [WP]
  • I am proud of my country of the day: a guy found with a box cutter in a hollowed-out book at the Tampa International Airport — it was just one in an extensive travel library featuring the Bible, the Koran, and assorted other books about Islam — had actually just hollowed out the book to hide his pot from his roommate. [TBO]
  • Debate tonight.
  • Janet Huckabee went to Las Vegas over the weekend to catch a boxing match and stayed at Hooters Hotel. Did you even know there was such a thing as a Hooters hotel? [Newser]
  • Oooooh, someone finally used the "Iseman Cometh" pun we were trying so hard to exorcise from our brains! Tim Noah says the scandal is good for McCain. [Slate]
  • CNN keeps re-playing this clip wherein Hillary waxes sentimental about living in San Antonio, where "I became addicted to Mexican food and MANGO ICE CREAM." On one hand, she really didn't have to say it that loud; on the other hand; I didn't know mango ice cream was a Texas thing...[CNN]
  • Stagflatiion: kind of fun to say, less fun if it happens again. [WSJ]
  • Myers-Briggs the candidates! Hillary is Truman/George H.W.Bush, McCain is JFK/Eisenhower, and Obama has a Ghandi/MLK personality type never before seen in the Oval Office. [Slate ]
  • Remember that $52,000 Louis Vuitton bag bought by that tax office embezzler lady in D.C.? No? Great story. The bag is still on the loose. [WP]
  • Email of the day: "Are there any John/Cindy/Vicky threesome rumors out there? Cindy was 45 in 1999; Vicki was 31; John 61. It seems like a plausible unexplored angle considering the look-alike factor..."
  • Sad news for Jezebel of the day: Lilian Vernon and Sharper Image file Chapter 11. [WSJ]
  • I want to have his babies of the day: possible next mayor of London Boris Johnson. [WSJ]



Oh, I LOVE how Kosovo seceding is our fault, too. Fab.