Drunk Driver Gets Stuck in a Sand Trap After Her GPS Tells Her to Drive Onto a Golf Course

The dangers of driving drunk are well-known, but apparently technology has created a new one: overreliance on one's GPS. Earlier this week, a 47-year-old woman in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, got behind the wheel of her car after having a bit too much to drink, but instead of wreaking havoc on the road, she ended up lodged in a sand trap at a local golf course. Why? Because her GPS made her do it—obviously! She said the GPS told her to turn left, and she did, right into a cornfield. That didn't faze her, and she just kept on going until she ended up on the golf course and got stuck in the sand. There were people on the course at the time, but thankfully nobody was injured. Police found a cup full of alcohol in her car and arrested her for driving drunk. This is the fourth time she's been arrested for a DUI, sadly. Come to think of it, maybe her GPS is onto her and was just steering her—and the rest of us—to safety.

Police: Drunk woman's car gets stuck in sand trap [Boston Globe]

Image via Natali Glado/Shutterstock.


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