Drug-Using Kids Say The Darndest Things

By a colossal margin, "racism" is winning our poll of top reason to continue hating Paris Hilton even after her valiant attempt to convey how very much she has changed on tonight's Larry King (which we are still, much to our immense joy, liveblogging at 9pm EST). To further whet your hate-petite, we (thanks to The Smoking Gun) bring you here, in full night-vision monochrome, decompensating, Bible-thumping, Aryan victim of an American justice system gone amok, Paris Hilton herself, being racist — and stupid! — for the camera. After the jump, a very short transcript.

We're like two niggers

I'm a little black whore. I get fucked in the butt for coke.

[She's a] fuckin' hoodlum, broke poor bitch from, like, Compton. She's, like, public school bitch.


Paris Hilton, Underclass Hero? [TheSmokingGun]

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