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Drew No Blood

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Good Morning America did an overview of the Megan Meier story this morning. It covers some of the same ground as our earlier posts on the subject, but also includes a deeply chilling recording of the 911 call that Megan's mom, Tina, made on the day of her death. Click on Tina for the audio. Warning: It's not for the faint of heart.


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Vivelafat is the Quizatez Haderach

WARNING: This is graphic.

My nephew-in-law hung himself a few months ago and my niece found him when she came home from work. I rushed to my sister's house and found out that my niece had ran outside screaming (she's only 18). She told me she tried to pull him down but wasn't strong enough. He was still warm she told me.

Having had my mother commit suicide 3 years ago I can say that once you get the image in your head, once you've actually been there it is something you never ever ever forget. I can see this woman's discovery in my mind's eye, the same as I can see my niece's discovery and it is terrible.

I live everyday thinking suicide is right around the corner. I see it everywhere. Every book I read that has a character lock a door, every movie I see where someone goes to take a bath by themselves, every time a friend tries to give me a cherished possession, I think of suicide.

While I have a hard time blaming anyone for someone making a decision to end their own life, Lori Drew is definitely not a good person. I am usually very forgiving but bullying a child and using phrases such as "this world would be better off without you" are unforgivable.

Sorry for the novel.