Drew Barrymore? Or Ashlee Simpson?

Illustration for article titled Drew Barrymore? Or Ashlee Simpson?

[Los Angeles, September 10. Image via Flynet]


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@Yossarian: Because she BURST into Hollywood at the ripe old age of 4, stealing scenes like a vet in E.T., graduating to serious acting in films like Firestarter and Irroconcilable Differences, survived not only pre-teen alcholism, but also such little girl lost films as Poison Ivy and Gun Crazy, a marriage to Tom Green, bared her boobies to David Letterman, and hit it out of the park in "comeback" films Wayne's World II, Boys on the Side, The Wedding Singer, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind! And she's really pretty in a natural sort of way.

Oh, and her family is some sort of Hollywood royalty.

I think that's everything.