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Drew Barrymore is coming out with three new scents as part of her makeup line Flower Beauty: Radiant, Cherished and Sultry. She's still a normal, however, who has to deal with bad smells on mass transit like the rest of us.


Women's Wear Daily's Jayme Cyk interviewed Barrymore, noting that the interview started off inauspiciously – but not because Drew's a diva:

The beauty entrepreneur arrived for an interview 20 minutes late and snuck off to the bathroom before her photo shoot to quickly do her own makeup and put on the Topshop outfit she picked up the day before. Upon entry she apologized for her tardiness, explaining that it was due to delays on the F train.

But for her, there is no alternative. "The subway is the only way," she noted.


THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE. I agree. Fuck cars.

Here is proof that Drew (sometimes) feels the same way:

Drew's perfumes will be out in October.

Image via Flower Beauty

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