Though you might have been under the impression that Drew Barrymore was still embroiled in an on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Long, she's actually been dating art consultant Will Kopelman for the past year. And now they're engaged. (In case you're really behind the times, those "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials are officially over too.) Kopelman proposed while the pair were on vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho over the holidays. This will be Drew's third marriage. [E!]

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are very subtly letting it be known that they're engaged. We first heard rumors a month ago, then Us published the news in an anonymously sourced story this week. Earlier today Gossip Cop tricked Timberlake's grandma into confirming the story. She said, "He called me on Christmas day and told me he's engaged ... the family loves Jessie… she's a very sweet girl." Now a source tells People, the most trusted name in celebrity news, that Justin proposed during their annual vacation to Montana. [Us, People]


Maria Shriver is wearing a wedding band again, but not because she and Arnold Schwarzenegger are reuniting. Sources say it's her late mother's engagement ring. Bizarrely, the next court date in their divorce is in 2016, but though she isn't interested in moving the proceedings along she definitely doesn't want to rekindle her relationship with Arnold. [E!]


Why was Brad Pitt spotted walking with a cane today? Supposedly he tore his MCL, a knee ligament, but soon sources will inform us that he injured himself while furiously storming out on Angie, or is sending Jennifer Aniston a secret message about wanting to grow old with her. [Us]

  • Yet another example of why I can't watch Teen Mom anymore: Amber Portwood's landlord is trying to evict her, but she can't really do anything about it because she's been in jail for the past 17 days. I enjoy watching 17-year-old moms bicker with their parents as much as the next lady, but shit got too real. [TMZ]
  • On Tuesday Keri Russell gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Willa Lou Deary. [People]
  • Some fool broke into Mike Tyson's Vegas hotel room over the weekend, but bolted before snatching anything. Perhaps he suddenly realized that you don't want to cross a former boxer, particularly if he may have a tiger. [TMZ]
  • Nick Cannon, who's suffering from "mild kidney failure" has been transferred from a hospital in Colorado to one near his home in L.A. He Tweeted, "Thank you all for all your love, prayers and concern. You know me... I will be a'ight." [UPI]
  • Jeremy Renner was nearly caught in the middle of a bar brawl in Thailand, but luckily he avoided being slashed with a Klingon-esque axe. [TMZ]
  • Twilight: The Musical is happening, but thankfully we won't be subjected to a serious production featuring dancing SparkleVamps. The show is a parody in the style of A Very Potter Musical and will only be performed on January 16. [EW]
  • Jennifer Hudson is on the cover of Good Housekeeping talking about (what else?) her recent weight loss. She says of her son, "What's funny is that he's never known me as overweight. If he's sees a clip of the old Jennifer from Dreamgirls, he doesn't know who it is." [Us]
  • Aretha Franklin's engagement to Willie Wilkerson didn't involve a flashmob or a ring hidden in a piece of cake. She says, "We were ... just kind of talking along those lines, and then it got very serious. I just said, `Is that a proposal?' and he said `yes.' And that's how that happened; we just kind of talked into it." [AP]
  • In another blow against wedding hysteria, when asked what's new with the plans for her wedding to Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell said, "Nothing. I don't have any plans ... I don't really care." [E!]