Drawing Dicks On A Dude Is All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Stabbed

It's a scientific fact that fucking with drunk dudes is hilarious, but apparently Scott Masse does not accept the laws of the universe. Mr. Masse became so incensed when he thought his friends drew a penis on his face, he pulled a knife on them. According to the police report, which the Smoking Gun has delightfully posted, Scott awoke at 1 a.m. to find that "someone had drawn a picture of a male genitalia on his face with black marker while he was asleep." Masse threatened to stab someone unless the penis artist admitted to the crime. Unfortunately, Scott scrubbed the ween off his face before the police took his picture, so there's no forensic evidence of the crime. But! We do have a photo a drunk dude we were sent after our original drunk dudes collection was posted. After the jump, this dude puts the drunk in Drunktoberfest.


Dickface Busted [The Smoking Gun]

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