Drake Singing 'Let It Go' Is the Perfect Palate Cleanser

Drake, my pretend boo on the days I take a break from my Idris Elba fantasies, hosted the ESPY Awards last night with a flair that only a Canadian child star turned rapper can bring. While I find the show itself to be pretty ridiculous, (athletes don't need an awards show, their award was winning games) Drake did a really solid job particularly in the sketches made for the show.


In the first video, Drake plays boxer Manny Pacquiao in his unique rendition of the most popular song of all time, (it seems inevitable this point) "Let It Go."

My favorite is his spoof above with Los Angeles Clippers player Blake Griffin, who has a really great, dry sense of humor of his own. "Drake vs. Blake Griffin" includes a cameo from Drake's previous nemesis, Chris Brown. Was this a not-so-subtle ploy on Drake's part to make Rihanna jealous following their break up? Who knows, but Rihanna was probably too busy getting high somewhere and admiring her naked body to notice—which is honestly what we would all do if we were Rihanna.


But good job, Drake. These sketches almost make me want to watch the show next year.

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Oh, Drake....