Drake and Kylie Jenner: Just Friends

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Drake and Kylie Jenner are just friends and definitely not in a relationship, despite the murmurings of various prophets. Everything is just business as usual, people! According to TMZ:

Sources close to both Kylie and Drake tell TMZ ... they are not spending any romantic time together, as other outlets have reported or speculated. We’re told they’ve been at some events together — including the rapper’s recent 33rd birthday party — simply because they are pals.


On the contrary, Kylie is reportedly single and not seeing anyone, and has no desire to do so. She and Drake are friends, and we, as a people, need to accept that. [TMZ]

Britney Spears admitting that her low self-esteem causes her to slouch is oddly touching and vulnerable, and this video of her stretching is more relaxing than watching the sun sink into the Pacific Ocean. I hope you get the same therapeutic benefits from it that I did:


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If Angela Lansbury can handle Murder She Wrote as a reggae song, Sharon (and her extraordinary level of popularity and fame) can certainly handle this.

Sorry - I find Sharon Stone insufferable.