The question on every Drag Race fan's mind last night? "What did Willam do?" In a very mysterious development, even though Phi Phi and Sharon were in the bottom two, and had to lip sync for their lives, it was Willam who left the show, because she "broke the rules." Over and over, RuPaul and the other queens said Willam "broke the rules"; Phi Phi kept stressing that they'd all signed the same contract… But no one told us which rule Willam broke. WAS IT DRUGS? I think it was drugs. Nothing else makes sense.

I have looked on blogs and Willam's Facebook and New Now Next and Television Without Pity and I cannot figure out what the hell Willam did. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Willam refused to reveal anything, only saying: "I wasn't caught doing anything. Everything that I did, I admitted and I brought to everyone's attention." UGH. Meanwhile. "What did Willam do" is a predicted search on Google. Seriously.

In other news, Willam barfed. As Latrice Royale pointed out, it was not cute.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' disqualified contestant speaks out: 'I wasn't caught doing anything' [EW]