Dr. Warren Hern: "It Is Terrifying And It's Infuriating. There's No Excuse For This."

Dr. Warren Hern, a physician who provides late-term abortions, is threatened on a daily basis by anti-choice protesters. In this clip, from last night's PBS special, "Are Some Anti-Abortion Attacks Domestic Terrorism?" Hern shares his thoughts on the matter.

The entire 25-minute video, posted below, is worth watching; it's an incredibly powerful piece that shows just how brave these doctors have to be simply to provide a legal service to women on a daily basis. Along with Dr. Hern, the special also focuses on Dr. LeRoy Carhart, a colleague of Dr. Tiller's who gave the eulogy at Tiller's funeral and who, as Anna N. noted last Thursday, will be stepping in to fill Tiller's shoes.


This is not an easy piece to watch: the amount of hate that spews forth from a number of these anti-choice organizations, and the fact that they are allowed to continue with such behaviors, is, as Dr. Hern notes, incredibly terrifying and infuriating. However, the clip proves what we've known all along: that Dr. Hern and Dr. Carhart, as well as all of the other doctors, nurses, and clinic workers who risk their lives everyday simply to do their jobs are all amazing people, and their strength and dedication to providing a safe and legal option for women is a truly bright spot in an increasingly dark and frustrating chapter in American history.

Are Some Anti-Abortion Attacks Domestic Terrorism? [PBS]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

I admire these wonderful doctors for their bravery and for the service they provide to women in a desperate position. But I've been thinking for awhile about how these doctors, the prominent ones, are mostly men. And the protesters, the leaders of anti-choice groups, they also seem to be mostly men.

Why has this debate become all about dudes?