Today's episode featured the shocking "teen sex trend" that is oral sex. Dr. Phil revealed that teenage girls engage in oral sex in exchange for presents, cash, or popularity. So teen girls who give head are automatically—and literally—whores?

Who's to say that some teen girls just like oral sex? In fact, who's to say what the reasons are behind anything a teen girl does...other than the girl herself? Also, if this is such a huge problem in high schools, as Dr. Phil leads us to believe, then why is it only being addressed in relation to girls? The boys are the ones supposedly paying to get their dicks sucked. So they literally get off with impunity on this?

Also, what the fuck is wrong with oral sex? You can't get pregnant and the chances of catching a disease is much slimmer. But the thing that really made me angry was when Dr. Phil was going over the statistics from the CDC about teens (both boys and girls) and sex, saying, "These girls, 38% of them are not using any kind of protection." Actually, the statistic is, "38% of sexually active teens do not use a condom." Nothing was mentioned specifically about girls in that category.


The show was basically all about "protecting our girls," a sentiment that I pretty much hate when it's applied to situations like these, because it completely takes away the agency of teen girls when it comes to the decisions they make with their own bodies. Maybe we should "protect our girls" by not assuming that they're whores because they're engaging in sexual activity. Maybe we should "protect our girls" by teaching boys to respect them. Maybe we should "protect our girls" by properly educating them about sex.

This last clip is just laughable. Dr. Phil insists that teens are actually having sex on prom dance floors, because this lady—who recently chaperoned her first one—never heard of a song by Next called "Too Close."