Dr. McWho? Donna Karan's Heart Space Belongs To Marcus Welby, M.D.

Donna Karan is the Huffington Post's new health care blogger. This makes total sense given the way that, as we discussed before, health care is sort of like fashion, what with the pharmaceutical companies having to change the makeup of their antidepressants every so often, sorta like hemlines and whatnot! But no, seriously, Donna Karan writing about health care is just, well, kinda ludicrous:

My feelings about what is beautiful have guided me to create every single thing from a piece of clothing to a flower arrangement in my home. This is my life. So why would my feelings or your or anyone's feelings suddenly become unimportant the moment that we become ill?


Anyway Donna's latest post is (we think?) about how the designer prefers a more, like, "head to toe" approach to health care, that all the high-low specialist crap really interrupts her, like, qi or something (though that's just a guess because her BFF the Dalai Lama seems to have slipped her some peyote!). Perhaps aware that she's getting a little on the incoherent side, Donna then drops the name of a pop culture figure who holds a big place in her "heart space" (her phrase, not ours!) Marcus Welby M.D.! Wait, who?

When my husband fell ill, I so wished we could turn back the clock and return to Marcus Welby, MD who we all knew when I was a kid. (For you younger folks, he was a popular television doctor, portrayed by the actor Robert Young.)

We need to make policy changes, we need to talk to government and insurance. We need you guys and gals. Who are today's Marcus Welbys? If the odds in the current health care model are stacked against primary care practitioners, then we need to change those odds. We need to make policy changes, we need to talk to government and insurance. We need you guys and gals.

Marcus Welby! Guys and gals! We need to talk to both government, and "insurance"! How very specific we are getting! In fact, now that it's all laid out for us, it seems so simple it's, like, the plot of a 60s television show or something!
Where is Marcus Welby, MD? [Huffington Post]

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You don't normally get that kind of rambling from anyone even remotely sober. Wait...

The Dalai Lama is so NOT her dealer, by the way, I think he's busily arranging an intervention right about now. Or at least his minders are doing their upmost to obscure any possible connection there might be between him and Ms Karazay here.

@BonnieLass: Man, that's awful. Not to gloat, but living in a Scandinavian country where health care is state-subsidized, I can't even imagine how terrible it must be to have to worry about getting in debt as well as being sick. A member of my family got cancer several years ago, and even with our super-cheap health care, paying for the medication was tough at times.