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Dr. Luke may still be signed to Sony despite rumors of the label severing ties with him, but PBS is reportedly rethinking the producer’s appearance in its upcoming documentary Soundbreaking, premiering this fall.


The eight-part mini-series about pop music’s evolution and “the art of music recording” was screened for a SXSW audience on Monday and will again be previewed on Wednesday and Thursday. Luke is featured in the first episode as part of a series of 160 interviews with artists and music icons like Beatles producer George Martin, Paul McCartney and Tom Petty.

Luke’s interview for the project happened a year and a half ago. Kesha filed her lawsuit against him in December 2014, alleging sexual abuse, among other allegations.


The documentary’s producer Jeff Dupre says the creators have considered cutting Luke from the project but have yet to pull the plug. “It’s a controversy and I don’t know what the truth is. But it’s something that we’ve thought about and discussed just over the last couple weeks,” Dupre told AP. “I have no idea what his situation is or what actually happened. He’s a major, major, major producer.”

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