Dr. Laura: How To Knit While Self-Promoting

In this video, Dr. Laura claims she spent all night knitting a vest, and that "everyone says, ‘Ohhhh, you're such a big star, how can you have any time to be doing things?'" Funny, that wasn't our first response. [Sexist]

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A scene from my living room about a minute ago

Me:Ugh. Dr. Laura.

Mr: Where?

Me: Jezebel. She's knitting or some shit.

Mr: *intoning* I've seen her naaaaaaaaaaaaaaked.

Me: What?!

Mr: Apparently she took some nude pictures in her 20s when she was a little more liberal that resurfaced a while ago. The irony is gorgeous.

Me: *furiously googling* Hnh. Well whaddaya know.