Dr. Graeme Reeves, The Sickest Man Alive

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I was all set to write a really uplifting post on why men use war as an opportunity to rape women when I came across a story of an Australian guy who did not have any sort of backdrop of dehumanization or trauma or anything like that to blame; he's just fully, comprehensively, independently jawdroppingly evil. His name is Graeme Reeves. He was an OB-GYN. One of his patients wanted to have a small pre-cancerous lesion on her labia removed. As she slipped into unconsciousness from the anesthesia, he leaned in and whispered:

"I'm going to take your clitoris too."

Huh? I know it's pointless to ask, but why???? Well, Graeme Reeves was not your garden variety Law & Order psychopath; he is a murderer who left dozens of women permanently injured. He removed their organs for no reason, he ignored the cancer growing inside a woman's cervix for no reason, and way back before any of this, in 1996 he withheld antibiotics from a dying mother against the pleas of nurses so that she eventually died for NO. REASON. How the fuck did this happen? Was none of this considered to be a crime?


Well, uh, no. Graeme Reeves does not appear to be in jail. And although he is clearly a sick sick sick sick sick sicko, hundreds of colleagues managed not to see or notice anything about this behavior or reputation or files or employment history that warranted a second look. What is that about? The "patriarchy" as one blogger ventured? Or a collective case of "I must have imagined that"? Can you even regain composure long enough to ask?

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