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Dr. Drew is really concerned about women who are addicted to breast and butt implants. Except, is he?


It's true, of course, that the women he featured on his show this week do have T&A to behold. One is author Vanity Wonder, who explains that she's had over 1,000 butt injections because one of her first implants got infected. "It was something that came out of necessity," Wonder said; she had to choose between a lumpy medium-sized butt or, well this:


Then there's Lacey Wildd, who says she's determined to have the biggest boobs in the world, and assures Dr. Drew she's "been doing this for a long time" when he frets over the damage she is doing to her body. The very serious doctor exemplifies this damage by holding watermelons up to his chest and leaning back. "I put this on my chest and tried to lie down, I couldn't sleep," he says rather patronizingly. Um, obviously: you're trying to sleep while cuddling with two watermelons.

"They're all lovely women, and seem like very nice women, but .. they're getting into this in such a big way, literally," Dr. Drew sighs, continuously stressing that these women don't realize that they're putting their health at risk. But hey: they're adults. It's their prerogative if they want to inject a ton of questionable shit into their bodies. (Wonder assures him, however, that "you're never injecting with super glue, it's always to seal.") Of course, it's also their prerogative to come onto talk shows in the first place, so they kind of deserve whatever criticism they receive. But it would be nice if Dr. Drew could come up with some more creative cultural commentary other than what he's essentially repeating over and over again: "These dumb ladies have boobs/butts for brains!"

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