Dr. Burke Checks Out Of Seattle Grace; We Check In

Isaiah Washington, who plays the dreamier — and moodier — than McDreamy Dr. Preston Burke, got booted from Grey's Anatomy at last, making Burke the third major character who won't be returning to Seattle Grace come fall. (Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) has her lusty spin-off Private Practice, and it's been reported that Callie (Torres) O'Malley (Sara Ramirez) will only be making guest appearances, as opposed to be appearing in a regular role.) So without Burke, Addy, and the girl who shouldn't have married George in the world's best/worst hospital (the docs may all be really hot, but their patients always die!), whatever will happen to the other characters next season? Our suggestions for the Grey's writers, after the jump.


First and foremost, what will happen to Cristina Yang? Dumped by her fiance, Burke, at her wedding, Cristina now has no man, no eyebrows, and, if series creator Shonda Rhimes has anything to say about it, no sense of self. So our favorite bitch has got lots of work to do next year. And what better time than now for Cristina to connect with her Jewish heritage?! Sure, it isn't really a "heritage" per se, since, uh, she's Asian and all... but why let that stop the her?! Just look at Madonna! At least Cristina's parents are Jewish! Speaking of Madonna, Cristina will learn to let go of her anxiety by focusing her energies on founding a Kabbalah center in Seattle. Or at least a Kabbalah study group at Seattle Grace. If you can't have a man, at least you can have red string around your wrist!

With Addison gone and Meredith and McDreamy on a break, McSteamy and Meredith should get it on. Hardcore. Anyone can screw in the off-duty room. Or a supply closet. But these two need to do it in front of everyone. (In the gallery of the teaching operating theatre! Inverse voyeurism!) And then McDreamy can start sleeping with the new intern, Meredith's half-sister (whom she's never met) Lexi, which would mean that, basically, McDreamy, Meredith, Addison, Sloane, and poor, innocent Lexi Grey will all have exchanged bodily fluids and can stand in a circle and sing Kumbaya.

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) needs to forget about the faux-amnesiac, "Ava" (aka Rebecca) and get back together with Izzie Stevens. George, meanwhile, should go ahead and end his marriage to Callie and admit — in a great art-imitating-life moment! — that he's actually gay. And since he failed the boards and can't be a doctor anymore, we suggest we start a fabulous new life... as a fashion designer, naturally!

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