We don't typically tune into E!'s Dr. 90210, but we could tell from commercials that Dr. Ray was sorta... unconventional. Like, sleeveless scrubs? Is that even up to medical regulations? But anyway, we managed to catch this episode, which features a 25-year-old girl who's already had a labiaplasty, and is back for a breast lift. Her choices for those things are hers and we're not gonna get into it (although, like her mother, we were a little jealous of her resulting boobs). But what the fuck is the deal with Dr. Ray, exactly? And why does he said the word "beautiful" so creepy? And is anyone else skeeved out when he pets her hair while she's topless? Finally, isn't it just a little bit weird that girls would go to Dr. Ray, requesting tits so high they can rest their drinks on them, seeing as how the biological purpose for boobs are actually supposed to be for drinking?