Much of the Northeast is still at a standstill, but some people paid no heed to mass transit shutdowns and power outages: newborn babies. Those selfish bastards.

The Inquisitr has a piece on women who birthed “Sandy babies” in the height of the storm, including Christine Schleppy, a New Jersey resident who experienced her first epidural-free birth thanks to the hurricane: "She wasn't happy about it but ultimately the main concern was to have a healthy baby,” her husband said. She had one — in a temporary shelter set up in a church’s gym by her local hospital to help those in low-lying areas. That kid better prepare himself for a lifetime of “Do you KNOW how hard my labor was??” anecdotes/guilt trips.

Over a dozen babies were born at New York's North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, and even new parents who lived nearby said it was hard to get over there thanks to fallen trees and fierce winds. One could imagine!

BTW: you know that theory that women are more likely to go into labor in the middle of a hurricane thanks to sudden drops in pressure? Dr. Jessica Jacob, a private practice obstetrictian who delivered three babies during the hurricane, said that’s just an old wives’ tale. "There was no baby boom going on last night,” she said.


For what it’s worth: none of the parents interviewed named their newborns Sandy. Or Frankenstorm. Or “Will I Ever Be Able To Take The L Into Manhattan Again?” (Sorry, currently brainstorming names for my own future children.)

Image via Andresr/Shutterstock.