Dove Gives Curly-Haired Girls a Reason to Live in New Campaign

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Dove is #ChangingLives yet again with another campaign, this time aimed at would-be keratin addicts. Based on another Sad Study released by Dove that Dove is going to fix with Products, the "Love Your Curls" commercial somberly notes:

  • Only 10 percent of women in the U.S. with curly hair feel proud of their hair.
  • Only four in 10 young girls regard curly hair as beautiful.
  • Girls are 7 times more likely to love their curls if people around them do. Well, Dove knows a mission when they make one up see one!

BEHOLD, TINY GIRL PAIN: Carina, 6, is pissed that she can't straighten her hair with her tiny fist ("I try to make it straight by going like this [tugs strand], and it doesn't work."); Jewel, 11, laments that "sometimes I just wish I could rip it out."

(Okay, jokes aside I'm familiar with that feeling and my heart goes out to Jewel.)


Then a horrible song comes on ("Hey now honey you know you're amazing every day / let your hair loose and play/ don't hide your curls away") and everybody goes out into the fall sunshine and starts dancing with their moms and all the depressed little girls with adorable hair are ushered into a room where there is a full-on band of diverse curly-headed WOMYN to welcome them into this fun new cult where everyone is frizz-free and immortal (there's also one red-headed man, I guess because he knows about self-loathing/needs a community).

ISIS. Climate Change. Income Inequality. Curls.

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Straight haired girls complain. Curly haired girls complain. Wavy haired girls complain.

Seems like a lot of people want the hair they don't have rather than working with what they do.