Dov Charney Case Complicated By "Saucy" Photo Shoot

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Last week, a series of texts and emails cast doubt on some of Irene Morales's accusations against Dov Charney. And now American Apparel hopes a sexy photo shoot will discredit second Charney accuser Kimbra Lo.


Lo says that when she visited Charney's house to interview as a photographer and model, Charney "instantly attacked" her, and "became more aggressive" when she rejected his advances. In response, American Apparel released a statement saying,

The company is in possession of love letter that Ms. Lo sent to Mr. Charney after she left the company. The company also has 'smoking gun' photographs undermining her false accusations of unwelcome harassment.

Now the NY Post has seen the photos — according to the paper, the "saucy snaps" depict Lo "splayed on the bed with her eyes closed and head tossed back," among other poses. The post has also apparently seen "flirty e-mails and texts to Charney in the weeks following the steamy interview, including confessions that 'Lolita' was her favorite flick." In her Today interview, Lo specifically denied ever sending Charney a "love letter," and it's not clear what her response will be to the alleged text and e-mails. But she's already commented on the photo shoot: she says the photos were taken without her consent, and her lawyer adds that Charney took them specifically to discredit her if she ever accused him of harassment.

Texts and e-mails sent by Morales to Charney do appear to contradict some of her claims, and her requests of money and clothes from Charney certainly don't help her case. But as yet, no such requests from Lo have been released, and the fact that Charney took sexy photos of her doesn't prove he didn't also assault her. Lo and Morales are represented by the same lawyer (a fact American Apparel mentions in its allegation that the two are part of an organized shakedown of the company), and questions about Morales will inevitably tarnish Lo, at least in the court of public opinion. But Lo's photos aren't the "smoking gun" the company claims, and at this point in the case, it's worth reminding everyone that no amount of sexy photos constitutes consent to sex.

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Gawker had those photos up yesterday and they are more than "saucy". I didn't see a "love letter" from her but she did send a picture of herself naked with the comment that Lolita was her favorite book. She did write that she missed him and loved working for him. And she emailed him that she'd just bought a dildo.

Not that that doesn't mean he didn't assault her or do anything shitty to her.

I've got to say the pictures themselves look pretty damn consensual - she's posing for the camera while masturbating.

Again, this is not to say that he didn't assault her - just to clarify what we are talking about - because I know a lot of people are reading this at work and can't look at the photos themselves.

If you do want to see the photos and emails they are here: