Douchebag Designer Marc Jacobs Is One Righteous Dude

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We'd never thought we'd say this, but Marc Jacobs is having a non-drug-induced meltdown moment! Two days after his Spring 2008 collection went up two hours late and most critics railed on his designs, the designer hit back at critics in an interview with WWD. With rumors flying that he was sitting at the Mercer Hotel bar at the scheduled showtime, Jacobs issued a passionate, defensive denial:

That is bullshit! That is bullshit! I was at the f—-ing office until the last fitting was over. I hadn't showered in three days! I slept on the couch in my office for 20 minutes three nights in a row. I did not have lunch, I did not have drinks, I did not have tea at the Mercer, I took 20 minutes to shower and shave — I stank like a raccoon! I could not go to the show like that.


Then he took a swing at the critics who said the lateness of his show affected those who had families waiting for them at home.

All those people saying, 'We have families,' 'We have families,' 'We have families.' Talk to my sample room. Talk to the 60 women who didn't see their families for six weeks... I mean, every person who works in every factory in Italy... So I'm really appalled that people have absolutely no perception of what it takes to do things.


All for .60 cents a day, now that's dedication!

We're all very upset that people got their noses bent out of joint. But I think this is so unfair. We do a huge production show...I have no say in the show schedule... as far as I'm concerned we showed two weeks early not two hours late.

On designing/showing in the United States:

I really feel like an outsider, I think we all do, and we feel unloved here, so we want to go somewhere else.


On International Herald Tribune fashion critic Suzy Menkes, who gave his show a scathing review both because of its late start and its lame designs:

For her to turn this into this hate fest for me and my collection I think is ridiculous... I expect people, whether we're two hours late or two hours early or we don't show at all, to look at what they see: the clothes. She wants to observe a Jewish holiday, but I start a show two hours late [and] she gets her nose bent out of shape.


Jacobs has until February to think about where he's going to show his Fall 2008 collection: snooty, impatient New York or snooty, impatient Paris. Marc, seriously, you might want to think about this one. New Yorkers just yell when made to wait; Parisians will literally flog you with baguettes if you pull that kind of crap.

Jacobs Blasts Back: Designer Tells Critics Shut Up or Stay Home [WWD]


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"I really feel like an outsider, I think we all do, and we feel unloved here, so we want to go somewhere else"

a) fine, go, NO ONE would care

b) Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors DO NOT feel like outsiders, nor do they feel unloved

c) YOUR SHOW SUCKED! oh and you suck too!

d) stop whining!