Doting Doctor Dad Keeps Daughter Sexy With Breast Implants, Botox

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When Brittani Niccole was 18 years old, she got a boob job. "I didn't have large breasts when I was younger, and all my friends did… I felt very self conscious about it," she says. The physician who performed the procedure was Dr. Michael Niccole, Brittani's dad.


Barbara Walters talks to the Niccoles for tonight's special plastic surgery episode of 20/20 (which includes Joan Rivers talking about her adventures in facelifts). Dr. Niccole also performed surgery on daughter Charm when she was 10 years old, turning her belly button from an outtie to an innie. He's operated on many members of his family — including his wife — and defends his actions thusly: "Who would give them the time — that extra little look during surgery — more than I would?" Now 23 years old, Brittani and Charm each get regular Botox injections from Daddy.

Doting Doctor Dad Keeps Daughter Sexy With Breast Implants, Botox
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Honestly, a father cutting his daughter with a scalpel is not as disturbing as the general psychological message this dad is sending to his girls: That you are not good enough the way you are, that you need lots of adjustments and improvements, that being physically attractive is a priority. Brittani says she got implants to "build" her "self esteem," but there are literally thousands of ways an 18-year-old can feel more confident about herself that don't involve surgery to create an object of the male gaze. She could have taken a foreign language class, or Krav Maga, or seen a shrink to discuss her self-image issues. These women are learning that there's nothing wrong with using your precious time on earth to be narcissistic, self-involved and desperately pursue youth and beauty.

And let's face it, in this video, when Charm asks, "How do I look, Dad?" and Dr. Niccole answers, "Sex-y," it's revolting.

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For some reason I thought it would be medically frowned upon to do any kind of surgery on your child, just because of all the emotional involvement. Add all the ooginess to this case and I'm surprised his practice/hospital didn't ask "Are you crazy?"