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Doth Drake and Chris Brown Duel For the Hand of Lady Rihanna?

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In the wee hours last night in New York City, singers Chris Brown and Drake called their seconds, chose blades and dueled over Rihanna. Except the blades were champagne bottles.


Rumor has it that Breezy and Drake have a cantankerous relationship; three years ago Rihanna allegedly cheated on Chris with Drake, and CB has allegeldy held a grudge against a Drake ever since.

It's actually unclear exactly what happened at WIP nightclub (the "aftermath" photos look like something went down), but various reports insist that Chris "Breezy" Brown and Drake, who loathe each other, were both in the establishment at the same time. Dun dun dun. The story goes like this: Chris, ever the gentleman, sent a bottle of champagne to Drake's table. "As sort of a peace offering," according to some unnamed soul. Unconfirmed reports claim that Drake sent the bottle back to Chris with a message. Something along the lines of:
"I'm fucking the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it." Uh-oh.


MediaTakeOut reports:

Whatever message Drake sent back caused Chris to immediately fly into a rage - and he CONFRONTED Drake and his entourage - which included ANOTHER Chris Brown rival, rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill also had a relationship with Rihanna.

Well according to our snitch, Drake PUNCHED Chris in the face and before Chris could retaliate, someone (#teamnosnitch#) popped Chris in the mouth with a BOTTLE, multiple times. And as a result, Chris was LEAKING LIKE A FAUCET!!!

According to Rap Radar, the NYPD confirms that Drake's entourage was involved. Plus, after the incident, Chris shared the experience — and a picture of a gash on his chin — on Twitter.

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How u party wit a rich nigga that hate? Lol….Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya! Niggas is pussy. Bottles? It's nothing! Lol And I'm the singer? Niggas hiding in the bathroom bitch ass niggas! Ok! Niggas stand behind security!!!! Ok! U don't pay them enough! Niggas throwing bottles! Y'all niggaz weak!


Brown has since deleted the tweets, and sources are saying that Meek Mill, who was also attending the festivities, was the one who hit Brown — and may have started the whole thing with a Tweet, as outlined here.

Drake insists he did nothing wrong; Meek Mill has tweeted, "It wasn't me.... (shaggy voice) lol."


Meanwhile, an innocent bystander was hit in the head and got 16 stitches to close up a huge gash.

We may not know exactly what happened, but we do know this: Chris Brown has an extensive history of quick-tempered tantrums; Drake has a history of sitting in a wheelchair on Degrassi. Expect more details soon.


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Pope Alexander

I love that it was a champagne fight.

"Witnesses later saw the two throwing gold and diamonds at each other and then jousting on rare exotic tigers perched on top of limited-edition Porsches. Both have been rushed to the best private care in the country and their reps have released the following statements: "LOL @ Poor people. YOLO."