Dooce Blogger Heather Armstrong Separates from Husband

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Heather Armstrong, who runs the most successful "mommy blog" on the internet, and her husband Jon have written posts on their respective blogs that they are no longer living together. Jon added that Heather has asked him to find work outside of Armstrong Media, the blogging empire the couple founded that became so popular it was featured on Oprah. Both Heather and Jon, who have built a business around broadcasting their lives publicly on the internet, have asked for privacy and understanding as they work through this.

Yes, I'm Currently in a Trial Separation [Blurbomat]
"I'm lying alone with my head on the phone" [Dooce]

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Anaís Nin

I was going to ask "why is that relevant"? But after reading the comments here, I'm starting to think it was a good blog? So, I will ask again, no snark: why is that relevant, not just the separation, but this woman and her life?