Meet Elisa Kwon, the world's craziest ex-girlfriend. And she doesn't exactly try to hide the crazy eye action in photographs! Elisa somehow blackmailed her banker boyfriend into giving her a $100,000 check she'd be allowed to cash if he stayed out late and/or made contacts with strippers and he finally sued to get the money back. (So yeah: she cashed it.) You know how every time I post a Crap Email From A Dude, about ten comments down someone invariably points out, "Um, anyone who would date this guy for fifteen years gets what she deserves!" So yeah, that axiom โ€” the "every diabolical person has an equal and opposite diabolical person whom they will inevitably make very unhappy" โ€” applies here. The thing is, she's dating a banker. Who dates a banker and then gets all judgmental about an innocent trip to Scores?

But on the other hand, who would date a girl with those EYES? Clearly, they totally deserve each other. They're probably having painfully hot makeup sex in some strip club alley as we speak.

Ex Hit With 100G "Sin Tax" [NY Post]