Don't You Know? Jordan's Breasts Are For Flashing Not Nursing!

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  • Breast milk proponents in the UK are calling for a ban on baby formula advertisements after an ad appeared alongside a photo of mammary-enhanced new mom Jordan in a gossip rag. Um, clearly she was just worried about the baby suffocating. [Daily Mail]
  • Statistics show that while more women vote than men, single gals don't vote as much as married women. People, register to vote already! [Feministing]
  • A female Air Force officer is facing a court martial for refusing to testify in her own rape case. The charges against the alleged rapists were dropped and now she's being charged with underage drinking and "committing indecent acts". If convicted, she'll have to register as a sex offender. The mind boggles. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Not that this is a heinous crimes competition or anything, but this story about a British sicko who raped a teenage girl and forced her into prostitution in return for gasoline may make us even sicker. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the world? [Guardian]
  • Doulas are out and you are in! Today the new birthing accomplice is you, your baby daddy, and a big ol' full length mirror! Apparently, unassisted home births are on the rise in the UK. [Daily Mail]
  • Girls are entering puberty as early as six years old, with everything from television to divorced parents to blame. Mother Nature, you are so cruel. [Daily Mail]
  • The Nation's Barbara Ehrenreich thinks it's pretty wack that Why Am I Tempted (WAIT) doesn't require its abstinence trainers to actually abstain from sex themselves. Totally agree. Besides, wouldn't you rather hear the truth — that lotsa men are 'eh' in the sack and you're better off waiting until you can find one who's at least good at oral — if abstinence is going to be rammed down your throat? [The Nation]
  • A new study conducted on Finnish female twins suggests that the rate of anorexia might be underestimated and that the eating disorder actually occurs in as many as 270 out of 100,000 women. Count us out — we just ate a delicious salami sandwich. [Reuters]
  • Children of single dads are less likely to get routine check-ups with their doctor or have medical insurance. Well, Britney, at least you have something to suggest you might possibly may be a better parent than K-Fed. But it's still probably not enough. [Reuters]
  • If you're mega chubs before you get pregnant, your baby is more likely to have birth defects — luckily, the chances of that are still pretty midge, so don't start dieting for Junior just yet. [CNN]
  • Ending on a lighter, more grrl-power note, movies from women directors are flooding the big screen, says CNN, and they're not all crappy romantic comedies either. Oh, but there's bad news. The Director's Guild of America still is only 7% female. Pout. [CNN]



I really don't that's why I ask...can a woman with implants breast feed?

What about stupid-giant implants?