What's worse than those rich globetrotting socialites who own numerous usually-empty gigantic apartments in world metropolises and probably actually relate to the "parenting" stories in Vogue? Um, apparently the people they get to sit their houses, according to New York Times story today about film producer Joyce Gottlieb:

The first sign of trouble came when Ms. Gottlieb's secretary called from New York to say there had been a large party in the apartment, according to the building's doorman. The estimate was about 100 guests. Then came the terrible moment when Ms. Gottlieb and her husband returned home. "The first thing we're greeted by is the dead ficus," she says. "The phone bill for $400 didn't come till later. Then we go upstairs and we're unpacking and I lift the hamper and every pair of underwear I owned is in the hamper. She had used all my underpants and left them dirty in the hamper."


Okay, so, um, clearly this film critic had some weird perverted experimental (cough, porn) director to her party, right? Because no woman wears another woman's underwear without washing them. Okay maybe Britney Spears does. But usually it's like, we KNOW what goes on down there.

Return From Vacation. If You Dare [NY Times]