Don't You Hate Peaceful Me-Time at a Cafe? Meet Creepy Coffee Shop Guy!

We've all experienced this dude, and he's the worst. Let's curse his name and throw things at the screen while he goes on and on in his gross way. Or, better yet, let's prepare all the things we want to say the next time someone approaches us while we're quietly sipping our almond milk latte and reading back issues of US Weekly 1Q84. Or, if we're in a bar or on the bus.


Let's rap. What are we going to say next time? Go away? I'm married? Your teeth make me uneasy? Have you killed before and how many?

[Via Caffeine Dreams]

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Sooo... it's inappropriate for men to approach women now? Got it. Yeah, I get that the guy in the video is a creeper, but do we really want to turn into a world where people shouldn't talk to each other at coffee shops or anywhere else?