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Don't Worry, We've Got Your NYE Look on Lock: Unicorn Eyelashes

Illustration for article titled Dont Worry, Weve Got Your NYE Look on Lock: Unicorn Eyelashes

Since I'm old and live in a place where fashion is irrelevant (SORRY SF SORRY IT'S TRUE), I'm basically your grandpa when it comes to fashion, and everything else — but probably most especially farting. That wasn't the Soda Stream, it was my bowels!


Anyway, are these magical eyelash extensions freaky or fabulous? Or both? Would you wear these? Would be be humiliating or extra awesome if we showed up at the same party wearing them?

If you're not a fan of mythical creatures — you can also wear a bakery or a fruit basket on your face. Happy New Year!

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Ok, is it just me, or does that look like the unicorn has walked across her eyelid dropping horse apples the whole way? 'Cause that is the color unicorns would poop.