Don't Worry, Matt Damon Is No Longer Terrorizing That Irish Town

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Through the months stuck inside my apartment with no one to talk to other than my roommate’s kitten (and my roommates, I guess), one question has remained front and central in my mind: How is Matt Damon doing?


Last we heard from him, he was wandering the streets of a small Irish town—excuse me, small Irish gated community—by the sea, striking up conversations with its wealthy residents, going to the local SuperValu, jogging. We were left to wonder whether he would ever return home, or whether he would just jog off into the foggy Irish morning, never again to make a movie where he gets stuck in space.

But luckily, Matt is coming back! Or at least he’s leaving Ireland. Damon and his family were spotted in the Dublin airport, presumably headed back to the United States. It must suck to have to leave your $8,000 a week vacation home. But maybe less so when you have a $16.7 million Brooklyn penthouse to return to. Either way, I’m sure the entertainment industry is sure happy to have him back. [Vanity Fair]

In the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, the celebrities have been... talking. (I know, they simply will not stop.)

But, it’s clear Timothee Chalamet knew what he was doing when he posted two screenshots on his Instagram Story on Thursday, telling his army of stans to call the Minnesota District Attorney’s Office and demand they take action surrounding George Floyd’s murder. Maybe a celebrity mobilizing their stans doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.


If a white celebrity is going to speak on issues of systemic anti-Blackness such as police brutality, it’s absolutely helpful for them to mobilize their followers to take tangible actions like calling elected officials or signing petitions. But let’s be real here—the best thing celebrities can do to show tangible and meaningful support to the protestors and organizers fighting against police violence is just to donate their money.

  • Local hero Tom Hanks donated more blood plasma. [Page Six]
  • Blac Chyna is heading back to court with her former landlord. [Page Six]
  • A baby! [People]



I for one, don’t begrudge Damon, he was stuck in a nice place and I don’t remember seeing him instagram and or tweet about his “problems while in isolation” like other celebrities.