"Revenge porn," long the nightmare scenario facing people who made the mistake of sexting with assholes, isn't a phenomenon where enraged men victimized hapless female victims. It works the other way, too.

The chief of staff to an Ohio Congressman has resigned after his jilted porn star ex-lover (who is married) tweeted dick pics of the staffer to his boss, GOP Rep. Steve Stivers. The next season of House of Cards is basically writing itself.


Politico (Slugline) reports that Adam Kuhn, who is single, had an ill-fated affair with Jennifer "Ruby" Roubenes Allbaugh, a married Ohio mother who before she retired had appeared in "over 200" adult films.

Kuhn allegedly cut the relationship off, which angered Allbaugh, who vented her anger by Tweeting one of Kuhn's sexts to Congressman Stivers. Just, here's a photo of a penis obtained in the context of a consensual relationship between adults and now I'm mad at him so that penis is bad now, because I am mad.


Politico was able to verify that it was Allbaugh (who sounds like a real asshole) who sent the Tweet.

According to Allbaugh, she was upset that Kuhn had ended the relationship. It is unclear when that occurred or when the photos of Kuhn were taken, although Allbaugh blamed Kuhn for their break-up.

Allbaugh later deleted the photo after Kuhn obtained a cease-and-desist order against her, Allbaugh said. Allbaugh was upset with Kuhn and was, in her own words, out for "revenge."

"I hate you, AJK, you selfish pompous a—hole," Allbaugh tweeted on June 21. Kuhn's full name is Adam Joshua Kuhn.

Allbaugh added: "Now we're even."

Kuhn apologized with what sounded like a sincere mea culpa, but a spokesperson for his boss announced that Kuhn's resignation had been accepted this weekend.

Seems kind of shitty, right? I mean, having an affair with a married woman isn't the greatest of looks, but it's certainly not worth a guy losing his job over.

Unless the penis in the dick pic was wearing a sombrero.

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