Don't Try to Top This $65,000 Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

Stephanie Dodd, 26, and Samuel Goetsch, 25, are bigger Harry Potter fans than you are, and honestly I think it’s best if you just let them have that.

In March, the couple got married at The Bell Tower in Houston, Texas, in the most intricate, committed Harry Potter-themed wedding I have ever seen, featuring, among many other things, a live owl that delivered the rings to the best man.

Hello, sir.

According to the Daily Mail, the $65,000 event transformed the space into Hogwarts’ Forbidden Forest. The wedding party processed down an aisle lined with pages of the book (which seems slippy). They served a Felix Felicis cocktail, rolled and fastened their napkins with quills to look like ink pots, and decorated the hall with Quidditch posts, the couple’s own patronuses (I don’t know), and little issues of the Daily Prophet.

You might remember Dodd and Goetsch as the couple that got engaged at the Surbiton train station, a location that is apparently significant in the Harry Potter series although I couldn’t tell you why.


“I was 10 years old when I started reading the novels and they helped me through a really difficult year of school when my best friend moved away,” Dodd told the Daily Mail.


“We had 100 guests at the wedding and the majority of them didn’t know Harry Potter very well, but it didn’t stop them from enjoying the day at all,” said Goetsche. “They all thought it was just really beautiful and unique and loved all the little details.”


Also, do not fucking confuse the Dodd-Goetsche wedding with the similarly-themed Byrom wedding in Stockport, England. They are totally different weddings, okay? Do not fucking do it.

Images courtesy of Steve Lee Photography.

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