"Don't Say Gay" Tennessee Republican to be Lampooned in Musical

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You remember state Sen. Stacey Campfield, don't you? He's the Tennessee lawmaker who tried to make it illegal in Tennessee for teachers to discuss anything about sexuality with their students, and then, because that wasn't enough, tried to make it so that if schools found out a student's orientation, the schools would be required to out the student to parents? Yeah, well, that dude is getting his own parody musical.


A Nashville theatre group, Music City Theatre Company, plans to produce an "original political satirical show" around Campfield, which will be a 45-minute, five-player revue, said co-writer/co-director Michael McFadden. The promotional materials for the show depict Campfield in a tuxedo and a large top hat made of Old Glory.

According to McFadden, there are several great moments in Campfield's political history which will be depicted, not just the "don't say gay" legislation. The Tennessee senator has also proposed tying welfare funding to children's grades, and recently made a comparison between the Obama Administration and the Holocaust. Seems like even going by actual commentary, the production could have a very "Springtime for Hitler" vibe to it. And it would be historically accurate to the state senate record!

Our dear friend Campfield seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about the production, which is surprising given that he's being made fun of for very good reason. Because, you know, if even half the stuff reported about him is true (and more than that seems to be, because senate deliberations are recorded), he seems like sort of a dick. Still he says it doesn't bother him, and in fact, something something yay arts.

This is the third musical and fifth production about me. I'm glad Nashville has a thriving arts community, and I'm always for taking a step back and enjoying good political satire. I'm just disappointed they didn't ask me to make a cameo. But I'll be happy to take as a consolation prize a signed poster with that American top hat.


"Casey Stampfield: The Musical" debuts June 27 at Vibe Entertainment Complex on Church Street and runs through July 12, with a special performance on primary day, Aug. 7. Tickets are $9.99.


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