Don't Look Back

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[San Pablo, California; November 5. Image via Getty]

SAN PABLO, CA - NOVEMBER 05: Three year-old Hannah Rood receives an H1N1 vaccination during a drive thru H1N1 vaccination clinic at Doctor's Medical Center November 5, 2009 in San Pablo, California. Hundreds of people lined up for hours to receive a free H1N1 vaccine as California public health officials say that shortages of the H1N1 vaccinations may make it imopssible to vaccinate all of the people at risk of contracting the H1N1 flu. County health agencies across California have received less than 45% of the vaccines ordered. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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Little Green Frog

My kids had it a couple of hours ago. They were freaking out because they wanted the FluMist but they only had shots. The doctor and I were telling them how lucky they were to get it to no avail, they were crying and crying. In the end, they didn't even feel when the needle went in.

I'm so jealous. They are not giving it to "healthy" adults over 35 in my area yet. #h1n1vaccine