Don't Let Your Favorite Young Adult Get a Forever 21 Credit Card

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The path to financial stability is filled with many dangers, toils, and snares. Including, soon enough, the possibility of acquiring a Forever 21 store credit card!


Women’s Wear Daily reports that the fast fashion emporium/young adult terrordome/number-one purveyor of flower crowns and legitimately cute cheap sunglasses plans on launching a new in-store credit and loyalty program:

The card services arms of Dallas-based Alliance Data Systems Corp. disclosed its partnership with Forever 21 today calling it a long-term agreement that will include both private label and co-branded credit services for the fast-fashion retailer. Alliance operates across a number of industries but specializes in work with specialty and big box retailers.

Said Forever 21 president Alex Ok, “We’re confident this new credit and loyalty program will be a key driver of incremental and top-line sales, as well as further strengthening the relationship with our customers.” WWD notes that retailers are increasingly investing in efforts to collect more info on their customers and how they shop, presumably so they can get them to shop more.

Please, discourage the young adults in your life from getting a Forever 21 store credit card.

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What is the cutoff age for a person shopping at forever 21? Because being in the second half of my twenties my heart is starting to say "maybe its time" but my wallet is saying "haha fuck you, good luck affording anything else"