Don't Hate Alleged Murderess Because She's "Ivory Soap Ad" Beautiful

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This Meredith Kercher murder is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen. For those of you not following the case, Meredith Kercher was a carefree, 21-year-old Brit studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. She lived in a cottage with 20-year-old American Amanda Knox (also comely!) who is currently sitting in jail for her possible role in Kercher's death. The circumstances of Meredith's demise are particularly grisly: Her throat was slit and she bled to death under her duvet cover (which I picture as a Laura Ashley floral). Knox and her boyfriend of 2 weeks, Raffaele Sollecito, along with Congolese local bar owner Diya Lumumba are all being held for Kercher's murder, and local police "speculate vaguely about some explosive combination of drugs and sex, that one or more of the arrested demanded sex from Kercher and killed her, perhaps even accidentally."

Anyway, beyond imagining the potential orgy scenarios that led to Kercher's slaying, the most interesting part of the case is the way Knox, whose MySpace handle is foxyknoxy, is being portrayed by the press.

According to Time:

There has been a stream of photos downloaded from the Internet showing the strawberry blond linguistics major in a variety of settings, always looking like she'd just stepped out of an Ivory soap ad. Italian papers have reported that she's gotten fan mail in jail, including one letter calling her: "bellissima!" Those who are convinced of her guilt no doubt will hate her even more because she is beautiful.


To say that people will hate Knox because she's beautiful smacks of the recent Vogue UK thesis that women want to be thin so that they can dominate other, fatter women. Because women care not for facts and figures and DNA to determine guilt or hatred, they just want to hate other women based on looks alone! Obviously, Italian newspapers have also described Knox's standoffishness with women, called her a "cold maneater," and blamed Knox's mother indirectly for her allegedly murderous spawn because the mother is divorced and remarried to a much younger man. That said, Foxyknoxy keeps changing her story, and recently admitted that "she had been in the apartment's kitchen and heard Kercher scream in her room, alone with Lumumba, and held her ears." Oh and just today? Foxy's DNA has been found on the murder weapon. Pretty or not, this bitch sounds guilty as sin. And as a reader pointed out, Raffaele Sollecito is one Harry Potter-looking motherfucker.

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I was alerted to the FoxyKnoxy drama by a helpful email from the alumni director at my high school. Email read:

Dear alumni,

You may have seen coverage of a story involving a Seattle Prep graduate in local and/or international news today. Amanda Knox was a member of the class of 2005 and has been studying overseas. Yesterday, she was arrested in Perugia, Italy in connection with the death of her roommate, who was also an exchange student. Seattle Prep does not have any additional information at this time.

The email went on to ask us to pray for FoxyKnoxy. I was just so psyched to have this tiny connection to a nationwide scandal, I felt compelled to share it. (I haven't been this close to national news since the time that my neighbor was on the Green River Killer Task Force).