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Don't Freak Out: This Is Not a Tarantula (But It Is AMAZING)

Illustration for article titled Dont Freak Out: This Is Not a Tarantula (But It Is AMAZING)

What you're looking at is not a tarantula. I know that might be hard to believe as you hyperventilate in your computer seat or while checking your phoneon the train (I don't know your life), but what's actually happening is much much cooler. And much less scary.


The above photo comes from the below video (yes!), which shows how Emma Fay, a 27-year-old artist, turns contortionists into beautiful animals to celebrate the "marvels of nature." It takes her five hours to paint each model and then she has only five seconds to catch each model in their pose (because that's how long they can hold them). Impressive work and a fine addition to the proud tradition of HOLY SHIT THAT'S NOT WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS art.


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[obnoxious comment about it being a slow news day, not being impressed, weeping for the state of journalism today, hating clickbait and Obama]