Don't Eat McMuffins After 3 P.M.

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The Sausage & Egg McMuffin is the best thing that God has invented so far, and eating one is better than having an orgasm, even one when you’re fully clothed. But it turns out, those little ecstasy pucks are a tall order when they’re served in the afternoon.

Australian McDonald’s has recently caught up to the U.S. to begin offering all-day breakfast (which should be a right, not a privilege), and employees are struggling to adapt to the change. One poster on Australian Reddit didn’t understand how such a feat was even possible:

“There simply wasn’t enough space in the back area for all the breakfast equipment and reg menu products at the same time,” Jonzay wrote, referring to the chain wackily as “Maccas.” “The egg cooker took up most of the space in the deli and the muffin toasters took up the space used by the bun stands.”


The OP also complained of having to clean the grill and change settings between hamburger setting and sausage setting, and wanted to know: “How do you manage it without falling behind?”

Well, the answer is, Jonzay was right: you do fall behind, and all-day breakfast at Maccas makes Maccas no fun.

Itsbishi wrote:

Basically we have the 2 grills and now one is devoted to eggs and 4-1 [quarter pounder size] and the others grill which has 3 spots does everything else. Sausage and 10-1 [hamburger] regularly go down on the same grill one after the other without a steam clean.

The muffin toaster pretty much gets jammed next to the buns. In my opinion makes the walkways too small especially considering on one aise is a hot toaster and on the other side is the fryers.

Basic creates a lot more work for people out back in terms of preparation and cleaning but of course no more labour hours to compensate for that extra work. It sucks.


Famous_Felix agrees:

I wish maccas would just go back to cheap and simple stuff. Always changing the menu and trying to be “a little bit fancy” just means its harder to make sure there are trained people in the kitchen. Turnover for the past few years has been crazy because who the fuck wants to work for shit pay and then expect to pull miracles out of their ass and still get shouted at.


Doctorzaps does too, but is very profane about it:

I’m currently on my lunch break (while at maccas) and all day breakfast fucking sucks. After about 3 we do cook to order breakfast which takes up so much fucking time, I work at a new store that opened up 4 months ago so space isn’t really an issue but cleaning the grills to put down sausage is a bitch. Plus sometimes you get lazy cunts that just cook a bunch of egg and then use that for the next 5 hours, IMO do NOT order all day breakfast after 3 because you don’t know what you’re going to get, some of my co-workers disgust me. Also it’s a massive pain in the ass.


Do you guys know who probably recently ate an hours-old McMuffin (maybe two kinds, if other women call their vagina that)? Bachelor Ben, who took Amanda on a date to the chain, ate after-3 p.m. McDonald’s breakfast, and then “worked the drive-thru.” I bet Itsbishi, Famous_Felix, and Doctorzaps would agree that that sounds like hell! And rudely glorifying a terrible job that a lot of people have to do every day!

Haha, just kidding, give me all-day breakfast or fall into a sinkhole, you beautiful, stupid restaurant.


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IT’S NOT BREAKFAST IF YOU DON’T HAVE BISCUITS AND BACON, YOU FASCISTS. Seriously, it’s like they just picked the worst breakfast items to have during the day. Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit or NOTHING.