Don't Call Melissa McCarthy 'America's Plus-Size Sweetheart'

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In an interview with People, the wonderful Melissa McCarthy opened up about how she wasted a lot of time in her youth crying over insignificant stuff.


"In my 20s I used to cry about why I wasn't thinner or prettier, but I want to add that I also used to cry about things like: 'I wish my hair would grow faster. I wish I had different shoes ...,' " she told the magazine. "I was an idiot ... It's a decade of tears." DON'T CRY, 20-SOMETHING MELISSA. YOU ARE THE BEST.

Anyway, having risen to astronomical success since then (she's on billboards literally everywhere these days!), McCarthy says she's still not impervious to shitty little comments. One thing she pointed to as particularly irritating was a recent reference to her in an article as "America's plus-size sweetheart" — something that, obviously, would never be said about an extremely famous dude. "It's like I'm managing to achieve all this success in spite of my affliction," she said. "Would you ever put that in the headline for a male star?"

On a happier note, she also talks about the bold characters she gets to play: "I'm completely delighted by people who think, 'I don't care what anybody else thinks, I look great in this, and I rock it and I love it.' It's such a delightful sort of confidence." [People]

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America's Next Top Anti-Vaxxer will probably not be keeping her job for long: according to an insider source, Jenny McCarthy's contract on The View will likely not be renewed. Quoth the source: "Jenny just didn't appeal to the daytime audience market. They couldn't relate to her." Uh, yeah. [Fox News]

Here is a video of Russell Brand, just Russell Brand'ing in excellent form, calling Fox News a "fanatical terrorist propagandist organization" in a 10-minute long video. He attacks Fox News host Jeanine Pirro specifically; she recently Fox News'ed in terrible form, going on a rant about Iraq in which she called on President Obama to repeatedly bomb the country. In this vlog, Brand blasts her words as "evil," "incendiary," and "just volatile, combatitive language." Blessed be. [HuffPo]


  • Kim Kardashian hoards all of her numerous worldly possessions in a giant hangar, which Kanye does not approve of because it messes with his design aesthetic, according to the most boring dubious rumor of all time. [Bossip]
  • In other Kim news, the long blond hair she had atop her head last night was really just a wig. Sorry to shatter your entire worldview twice in such a short amount of time. [HuffPo]
  • BREAKING: VERY IMPORTANT NEWS STORY: Queen Elizabeth loves Antiques Roadshow. No word yet on how she feels about I Wanna Marry Harry (probably likes it?). [Hello]
  • Someone asked Jenny Slate if she is a feminist and she was like, "Fuck yeah, I'm a feminist." Bless. (But also, what a dumb question to ask someone who made a movie combating the abortion stigma in pop culture. OBVIOUSLY SHE IS A FEMINIST.) [MTV]
  • Lana del Rey is maybe dating a fancy Italian photographer now. Chill. [NY Daily News]
  • Footage from Beyoncé and Jay Z's wedding played on giant screens around the stadium during the inaugural On the Run Tour show. Ok, we get it, guys, you are in love. [Hello]
  • Anthony Stewart Head (which remains in the pantheon of best human names) says he would sill like to do a Buffy spinoff about Giles. PLEASE??? DO THIS, UNIVERSE. [ONTD]

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I would watch the fuck out of a Giles spin-off, so long as he is playing the guitar and singing 85% of the time.