Don't Be Jealous Of Megan Fox's Body, Feel Sorry For Her!

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There is a seriously crazytown concerntroll post on Hollywood Life today, which reads, in part, "Megan Fox has been looking particularly thin lately, and 81% of you voted you were worried about how tiny she is getting." For the love of God.


The post is illustrated with photograph in which Fox is almost naked. It's part of her an Emporio Armani Underwear ad campaign, and it appears that the photographer said something like, "Hunch over! Yes! More! Suck it in! Yes! Get concave! Yes! Perfect!."

But wait! There's more! Megan's trainer, Harley Pasternak, exclaims: "Do I worry about Megan getting too skinny? Yeah!" Guys, it's okay for us to be concerntrolls… her trainer worries, too!

But seriously… On the one hand, you have a post all about how Megan Fox "struggles" to gain weight — which may or may not be true, who knows. And on the other hand, you have a woman whose thin physique has boosted her career, generated her fame. Then you have a picture of said body — made even thinner through creative posing — that's used to sell underwear. In other words, she is paid to be thin. Period. All the talk about her abs and her weight training regimen don't have anything to do with the reality: Her body is her business. Literally. It's her business, not ours, whether she's healthy — that's between Ms. Fox and her doctor. And it's her business — an integral part of her financial strategy — to be thin. So what we have here is a lot of fuss about a "problem" that may not even exist.

But that doesn't make a good story for Hollywood Life! The "exclusive interview" with Fox's trainer was twisted into an excuse to cast critical eye and scrutinize a woman's body. The writer even asks:

Do you feel sorry for Megan now that you know she has such a tough time putting on weight?

What she really means is: "Get involved with our story which we specifically designed to make you feel bad about your body and Megan Fox's!"

Megan Fox Is ‘Far From' Anorexic & Actually Struggles To Gain Weight, Says Trainer [Hollywood Life]


Hmm could just be me with health on the brain (as I've been boning up on diet and nutrition and gaining muscle etc) but she looks healthy. She looks muscular and toned. That does not look like the body of someone who is emaciated - that looks like hard work and lean muscle.

But really, we shouldn't be aiming to further pick apart a woman's body (any woman) - whether we're faux-concerned with her well being or not.