Don't Ask This Russian Cosmonaut About Her Damn Hair

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It's not just female politicians and CEOs—even cosmonauts can't escape questions about their stupid hair. (In space, no one can hear your misandrist screams.) Just ask Yelena Serova, who as of Thursday is the the fourth Russian woman in space. The media really wants to know about how she'll care for her tresses.


The Guardian reports that, in a Wednesday presser, Serova fielded endless questions from reporters about LADY THINGS, such as how her kid would cope with her absence. (Her daughter is 11 and likely delighted to spend the time watching normally off-limits music videos or something.) Serova was patient with the first hair-related question, offering a demo. But the second hair-related question shattered her last nerve:

"Can I ask a question, too: aren't you interested in the hair styles of my colleagues?" she said at the televised news conference, flanked by the male astronauts who will accompany her.

She stressed: "My flight is my job. I feel a huge responsibility towards the people who taught and trained us and I want to tell them: we won't let you down!"


No word whether the Russian media has also seen fit to crack jokes about women drivers.

Photo via AP Images.

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Rattie Mattie

I'm less interested in how she does her hair in space than I am in how a woman deals with a period in space. I wonder if any of the women in pace have used the bc that gets rid of periods for 3 months at a time? And it hasn't always been available, so both astronauts and cosmonauts have had to deal with periods in space. I just sit here thinking about how much of a hassle my period is in earth gravity. I can't imagine a microgravity or gravity-less situation without a lot a of mess and stress.