Don't Ask, Don't Tell, And Try Not To Be A Woman

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Although this picture shows 1 female and 4 male former members of our Armed Forces — which is more or less the ratio of women to men in the U.S. military today — it is not the ratio of lesbians to gay men discharged from the military because of sexual orientation. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which defends members of the military accused of homosexuality, released a study that nearly half of the soldiers discharged under the Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell-Just-Don't-Be-Gay-At-All policy last year were women. In the meantime, the military has doubled the number of waivers it granted to recruits convicted of violent felonies (including rape), and relaxed its standards on education, physical fitness and criminal records for recruits. Apparently, it's cool if you're an fat, pot-smoking rapist without a high school education, but don't you dare be a lesbian. Not in this man's Army. [NY Times, SLDN]

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Remedios Varo

1. This is how pathetic DADT is: my girlfriend (I'm a gay woman), had she not dumped me this year for various reasons, would have dumped me next year before she joined the military, which she was so thoughtful to tell me.

2. The first American wounded in Iraq is gay, and now he travels around the country speaking out against DADT. I heard him speak at a conference for GLBT college students, where you think he would have readily been welcomed, but after his speech, there was an absolute shitstorm from students angry about the war in general. They were so abusive and disrespectful, four months later I'm still disgusted.