Donny Deutsch Says Sarah Palin Is The "Feminist Ideal" Because She Put A Skirt On

Donny Deutsch was on CNBC yesterday, running his mouth off about why Sarah Palin is so great. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with any of her accomplishments or credentials. Instead, the ad exec thinks that she's selling herself to the American public in a brilliant way. Sure, he's a marketing genius but where the hell does he get off saying that feminists have been doing feminism wrong for the last 40 years? Deutsch says that the "feminist ideal" is to be a woman that women want to be and men want to be with. (Um, that's actually how you get to be a top model, according to Tyra Banks.) He also believes that Hillary's biggest mistake in the election was that she didn't "put a skirt on." Oh! He alsosaid that it doesn't matter that people weren't listening to the parts of Palin's speech when she talked about policy; it matters that she's good looking and that he wants her "next to [him] in [his] bed." Clip above.


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Apparently Deutsch's ultimate wish is to have Elle Woods be the VP.