Donald Trump Takes All Five States in Latest Super Tuesday Polls

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According to the Associated Press, Donald Trump has swept Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island in the latest primary results, strengthening his bid for the White House later this year. Just another manic Super Tuesday, I suppose.

As per CNN, Trump garnered 61.1% of the vote in Delaware, 58.9% in Pennsylvania, 54.1% in Maryland, 64.5% in Rhode Island, and 59.7% in Connecticut.

Oh. God.

Despite Trump’s most recent set of victories, AP reported statistics from Pennsylvania polls which illustrate the increasing divide between supporters of the GOP on a microcosmic level: “exit polls showed nearly 4 in 10 GOP voters said they would be excited by Trump becoming president, but the prospect of the real estate mogul in the White House scares a quarter of those who cast ballots in the state’s Republican primary.”


AP also noted that six out of 10 Republican voters in the state stated that the campaign has indeed created a chasm between the party, which served as a “sharp contrast to the 7 in 10 Democratic voters in the state who said the race between Clinton and Sanders has energized their party.”

The results in all five states come shortly after Ted “The Other One” Cruz an John “The Other Other One” Kasich formed a de facto alliance in an effort to bar Trump from a possible White House term.

“This is a nationwide campaign and we’re making a decision where to focus our time, energy and resources,” Cruz said in an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on April 25. “We are now focused very, very heavily on the state of Indiana. It is significant that John Kasich is pulling out of Indiana and allowing us to go directly head to head with Donald Trump.”

Well, we’ll see if that works, I guess.

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I don’t care if Trump is just performing some epic performance art or just stroking his ego. People are ACTUALLY voting for this racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic orange piece of fluff. I’m not stunned after all the blatant racism the Obamas have had to deal with but it still makes me sick to my stomach.

ETA: I’m jeanna9000 but I forgot my password and now I’m starting over just as I was enjoying being out of the greys! Help please!