Donald Trump Supporters Are White and Scared

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It is the end of January and soggy, abandoned suede couch Donald Trump is still leading in the polls. Who is doing this? Stupid America. Why are they doing it? Because they are scared.


A team of hardened CNN reporters spoke with over 150 Trump supporters and undecided rally attendees in 31 cities to understand why this anthropomorphic STD had seen such massive success. The answer will not surprise you.

Scared of Immigrants

“The people that are coming here from China, Indonesia and all of them countries, they’re getting pregnant and coming here and having babies,” said Paul Weber, an Iowan who described himself as “kind of a redneck”: “They get everything and the people that were born here can’t get everything.”

“I come home and someone’s occupying my house and they’re eating my food and then they’re taking the kids from my bed; they’re taking the money out of my pocket,” said Deena from South Carolina, probably speaking figuratively. “Why should we have to support someone else and then make our kids suffer, our families suffer?”

Scared of Muslims

“Islam is traced patrilineally. I am a Muslim if my father is Muslim. In that sense, it is undeniable that Barack Obama was born a Muslim,” said Michael Rooney, a respiratory therapist. “It is true that [Obama] now identifies as a Christian in the same sense that Bruce Jenner identifies as a woman.”

“Islam is not a religion. It’s a violent blood cult, okay?” said 68-year-old veteran Hoyt Wood. “All they know is violence, that’s all they know.”

Scared of Being Treated Like Donald Trump Treats Minorities

“It seems like we really go overboard to make sure all these other nationalities nowadays and colors have their fair shake of it, but no one’s looking out for the white guy anymore,” said North Carolinian white man Rhett Benhoff.


“White Americans founded this country,” said South Carolinian Patricia Saunders. “We are being pushed aside because of the President’s administration and the media.”

Scared of the Alternative

“I like him because he’s a businessman,” said North Carolinian Linda Wilkerson. “He does what he says he’s going to do. I’ve seen him lose a ton of money and bounce back. We’re in terrible financial debt. I hope he can bail us out.”


“Sometimes he’ll say things and I’ll go, ‘Oh gosh, seriously?’ But at least he’s willing to say it,” said Ohioan Curt Handschug who said 2016 is the year of “Donald Trump or nobody.”

“All these politicians are afraid to tell the truth.”

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For fuck’s sake people. I can’t even offer anything besides that because there’s no arguing with these type of people. Literally ANY study, ANY report, ANY info at all that you could try to show them to counteract what they believe and they just dismiss it as being untrue “because”.

I see it all the time with memes that go around facebook, like the one that shows a fridge full of food on the left saying “welfare homes” and an empty fridge on the right saying “middle class homes.” It’s been shared hundreds of thousands of times yet it’s just a fucking picture! There’s no information AT ALL on where it’s coming from. People need to start being better critical thinkers. If you’re only getting this information from drunk Uncle Joe at Thanksgiving, it’s PROBABLY WRONG.